Good Neighbor Environmental Board (GNEB)

Ecological Regions of the U.S.-Mexico Border

The Good Neighbor Environmental Board (GNEB or Board) is an independent federal advisory committee. The GNEB advises the President and Congress of the United States on good neighbor practices along the U.S. border with Mexico. Its recommendations are focused on environmental infrastructure needs within the U.S. states contiguous to Mexico.

Keith Pezzoli, Ph.D., leader of the UCSD Superfund Research Center's Community Engagement Core and Research Translation Core is a member of the GNEB (representing UCSD).

This page will be providing links to GNEB-related resoures with a special emphasis on:

(1) the San Diego-Tijuana city-region, and (2) ecological restoration informed by bioregional theory and practice.

Click here for a ppt Professor Pezzoli presented, June 4, 2013, to the GNEB ( Bioregional justice as a framework for ecological restoration in the U.S.-Mexico border region)

Working papers:
Bioregional Justice: A Framework for Ecological Restoration, by Keith Pezzoli (click here:Bioregional_Justice_Pezzoli_May20-2013.pdf).


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