Training Core (TC)

Environmental Science Training and Career Development Core

Summary of Core

The Environmental Science Training and Career Development Core will provide education, training, advancement, and career support to graduate and postdoctoral level trainees within the UC San Diego Superfund Center. Trainees with diverse backgrounds working within all six of the Research Projects and in the Cores will participate. The Training Core will advance the careers of trainees in the biological, chemical, and molecular sciences as they relate to environmental toxicology, with an emphasis in health, detection, and remediation. It will serve as a hub of interaction and cross-fertilization between the projects and other cores by involving trainees from each component of the Center. Opportunities will be provided for cross-disciplinary training in fields related to environmental health and environmental science/engineering. Trainees will present their research within and outside of the Center including at the Annual Superfund Meetings and in a wide variety of diverse settings. Individual Development Programs will be developed, discussed, reviewed, and updated. Trainees will participate in coursework, meetings, workshops, and conferences that promote professional development including grant writing, leadership, management, professional skills, and career planning. Training in responsible conduct of research and ethical practices in environmental sciences will be emphasized. Interactions with the Community Engagement and Research Translation Cores will broaden their experiences and include them in activities in the community and in translating their findings to practical applications. Interactions with previous trainees having success in diverse careers will expose trainees to a wide variety of career paths. Support will include funding for stipends, benefits, and tuition, travel funds for conferences, and events for advancing their careers. The impressive success of the Center over the past 15 years will be enhanced as a new a cadre of exceptional trainees is recruited, trained, and transitioned into mature environmental scientists in academia, industry and government.



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Main Contact Information

Training Core Leader
  • Dr. Pamela Mellon
    Professor, Department of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, UCSD School of Medicine
Our Currrent Trainees:

  • Jacopo Baglieri, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Mentor: Brenner
  • Elvira Mennillo, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Mentor: Tukey

Our Former Trainees ( - and Mentor):

  • Akmakjian, Garo - Schroeder
  • Aleman Guillen, Fernando - Schroeder
  • Anderson, Craig - Tebo
  • Bencheikh-Latmani, Rizlan - Tebo
  • Berdy, Sara - Mellon
  • Boisson, Aurelien - Schroeder
  • Bonzo, Jessica - Tukey
  • Brace-Sinnokrak, Erin - Tukey
  • Butko, Emerald - Schroeder
  • Butterfield, Cristina - Tebo
  • Caputo, Nick - Tebo
  • Cavero-Martinez, Santiago - Russell
  • Chen, Alice - Schroeder
  • Chen, Shu-Juan - Tukey
  • Cooper, Andrew - Schroeder
  • Dai, Yang - Evans
  • Dick, Gregory - Tebo
  • Ding, Ning - Evans
  • Dooley, Colette – Tsien/Training
  • Drew, Devin Lee – Karin/Ghosh
  • Ganguly, Abantika - Russell
  • Gong, Jiming - Schroeder
  • Hibbs, Ryan – Taylor
  • Holzer, Ryan - Karin
  • Jobe, Timothy - Schroeder
  • Johnson, Hope - Tebo
  • Jonker, Hans - Evans
  • Kau, Andrew - Schroeder
  • Kim, Ju Youn - Karin
  • Konopnicki-Vincent, Camille - Tukey
  • Lee, David - Schroeder
  • Li, Tao - Evans
  • Li, Zixing - Schroeder
  • Lin, Yi-Chen – Schroeder
  • Liu, Yuanli - Trogler
  • Lu, Benson - Evans
  • Machemer, Daniel - Tukey
  • Martin, Victoria - Russell
  • McCarthy, James - Tebo
  • McNulty, Reginald - Karin
  • Mendoza-Cozatl, David - Schroeder
  • Miller, Meghan - Taylor
  • Newton, Shanna - Mellon
  • Noh, Yoon Seok - Seki
  • Operaña, Theresa - Tukey
  • Passino, Melissa - Taylor
  • Paszek, Miles - Tukey
  • Rodriguez-Gabriel, Miguel - Russell
  • Ryan, Genevieve Ryan - Mellon
  • Sanchez, Arancha - Russell
  • Schoeller, Erica - Mellon
  • Scott, Michael - Trogler
  • Seneko-Effenberger, Kathy - Tukey
  • Shemer, Tamar - Schroeder
  • Sonoda, Jun - Evans
  • Stephan, Aaron Benjamin - Schroeder
  • Sung, Dong Yul - Schroeder
  • Taiming Yong - Schroeder
  • Umemura, Atsushi - Karin
  • Vashisht, Ajay - Russell
  • Waadt, Rainer - Schroeder
  • Waner, David - Schroeder
  • Weems, Jessica - Tukey
  • Whyte, Jamie - Evans
  • Witham, Emily - Mellon
  • Xie, Qingqing - Schroeder
  • Xu, Jun – Brenner
  • Zhao, Xuan - Evans


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