Support Cores (2012-2017)

Center Director, Dr. Robert Tukey, is head of the Administrative Core and ensures that the individual research projects and cores meet the goals outlined by NIEHS and operate in a highly integrated fashion. The overall objective of this core is to foster effective science-to-science-communication internally within the UC San Diego SRP Center, and to disseminate these findings in a way that will be useful to government agencies and our collaborative partners.
​The Community Engagement Core (CEC) is a community-university partnership to help reduce exposures to crossborder flows of hazardous wastes and to improve environmental public health in the San Diego-Tijuana city-region.
​The progress of toxicological Superfund biomedical research during the coming decade will depend upon the mouse as an experimental model to investigate both basic and clinically relevant questions.
​The Multiscale Imaging and Proteomics Core provides imaging of live animals, tissues, cells, and macromolecules coupled with protein characterization and quantitation services. The Core encompasses three umbrella technology thrusts: 1. Advanced multiscale imaging technology (headed by Dr. Ellisman); 2. Fluorescent reporters, indicators, and labels to monitor physiological and biochemical processes (headed by Dr. Tsien); and 3. Protein identification and quantitative proteomics (headed by Dr. Komives).
The Research Translation Core (RTC) is building the capacity of government agencies and non-profit organizations to use cutting-edge technologies for detecting and bioremediating Superfund toxicants. The RTC has established strategically located field study sites in San Diego and Tijuana where UCSD Superfund Research Center (SRC) scientists and students are participating in collaborative university-government-industry partnerships applying science and technology in ways beneficial to the SRC’s target audience.
​The Training Core of the UC San Diego Superfund Program supports the interdisciplinary education of junior scientists to become the next generation of environmental researchers in the Environmental Health Sciences.


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